Sea Turtle Monitoring


Since our monitoring began in 2012…

We have identified 4 out of the 7 species of sea turtles that exist worldwide, nesting in Pedasi.

We typically document the species, their size (curved and straight lengths), the presence of any markings/ aberrations and their egg count. We then proceed to relocate the eggs away from the turtle tracks, to disguise them from poachers. Our data is contributed to ARAP (Autoridad de Recursos Acuaticos de Panama) to be added to annual statistics. The group’s presence also serves to deter turtle egg poachers.

Our ambition is to construct and guard a sea turtle hatchery in the near future.  


The most common species of sea turtles found in Pedasi are the Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea), Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) and Green (Chelonia mydas).